This is Cookies.2.0 -- the future of marketing
What do you know about your web traffic right now?
How much traffic you get
How many visitors you convert
Where visitors get lost and leave
Visitor demographics
Visitor names
Visitor contact information
Today, your site visitors are invisible faces
All you can do is give them buttons to click on and hope they learn what they came for, or entice them to take an action to identify themselves to you through opt-in.
Turn anonymous shoppers into hot prospects
It’s inexpensive, safe, reliable and there’s no “gotcha.”

VitalEdge integrates databases of +14 BILLION records in +230M households using big data predictive models to accurately capture identify, behavioral markers, and contact information while carefully purging outdated, opted-out, and disinterested consumers.
Market smarter with your custom lead database
Best of all YOU OWN THE DATA. Transform the way you interact with your audience. Generate new leads, close more sales, and build stronger relationships with your customers effortlessly.
500 Matches 1000 Matches
50% OFF
With a 95% match rate, you can't go wrong.
20X your conversions with ZERO additional traffic
To see how the Vital Edge pixel tracks and identifies prospects take a closer look here.
What will this do for me?
Identify up to 80% of the anonymous visitors already on your site. Build a marketing list complete with  names, contact info, and demographics, so you can turn motivated, mystery shoppers into a list of contactable leads!
Use your collected visitor data for follow-up opportunities such as email indoctrination sequences, display ads direct mail, and phone calls. It’s your choice when and how you contact your audience because it’s YOUR data!
Smart acceleration for your buyer journey. Smart acceleration for your buyer journey. Smart acceleration for your buyer journey. Smart acceleration for your buyer journey.
The elegant and fun template will showcase the full potential of your company . The elegant and fun template will showcase the full potential of your company .
An untapped source of lead generation. An untapped source of lead generation. An untapped source of lead generation. An untapped source of lead generation.
The elegant and fun template will showcase the full potential of your company . The elegant and fun template will showcase the full potential of your company .
What will your competition do with this information?
Answer: Nurture your prospects.
See the video to learn more.
+14 Billion
Customer records
Daily Updates
US Households
Match Rate
30 Years
Historical Data
Privacy Compliant
They say
about us
Our leads tripled immediately the very same day we installed the pixel.
Gabriella Hale
Not sure how its possible but I am very happy with our results. Praying our competitors never find this.
Daniel Winston
Partners, clients, friends.
Third-party cookies are scheduled for extinction by 2024. Join the leading brands who are implementing this superior customer identification technology NOW. The VitalEdge pixel is trusted by:
Is this even legal?
Our proprietary data model uses highly predictive attribution modeling structure. It is 100% compliant in the U.S. and meets the rigorous standards of the California Consumer Privacy Act.
500 Matches 1000 Matches
50% OFF
With a 95% match rate, you can't go wrong.
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Frequently asked questions
How is Vital Edge different from other programs?

Traditional identification of website traffic is:

- Anonymous- website statistics are delivered in bulk without unique identification of individuals. You might see total numbers of visitors, browsers, etc., with no ability to understand who is being attracted to your website.

- Anonymously remarketable- cookies allowed 3rd parties (like Facebook, for instance) to identify your website traffic and submit ads for a fee, but you would not own the prospect information.

- Volunteer only– web visitors could choose to submit an email address for a coupon or other opt-in offer. Typically, only 2% of website traffic self-identifies in this way.

Vital Edge is a first-party data provider that delivers a marketable contact list from your website traffic. The data is yours to keep, analyze, and market to. The money is in the list.  Know your prospects and reach the 8.3 contacts it takes to make a sale.

How does Vital Edge work?

1. Generate a unique pixel for your application in one click.
2. Place the pixel on your website (don’t know how? it’s easy. Yes, you can use tag manager).
3. The pixel identifies the device ID that the prospect is using to browse and tracks the user’s website session.
Vital Edge instantly obtains consent-driven information for the device and compiles a list of your website users.
4. Vital Edge delivers your new, timely contact list to you through your Customer Relationship Management system.
5. Use the data to omnichannel remarket  - email, social media, direct mail, etc.

How does Vital Edge use consent-based marketing?

Each device used to visit your site has a device ID. Vital Edge finds that device ID and can instantly access consumer information including contact information, browsing behavior, and 100+ data categories. More than 60% of consumers consented to allow the sharing of this information, from email addresses to mailing addresses and age to income bracket. Vital Edge uses this centralization of data to build a 360-degree view of these potential customers, so you can remarket to them most effectively.

What’s happening with cookies?

The cookie is crumbling. Already abandoned by Firefox and Safari in response to concerns over user privacy, in 2024, third-party cookie-based marketing will be phased out by Google Chrome, too. As Chrome is the most popular browser, we have yet to see the full impact of a cookie-less marketing future. Vital Edge technology is cookie-free and uses consent-based marketing, which means users have granted permission to use their data, thereby allaying privacy concerns. This allows for a much more meaningful remarketing strategy which successfully delivers welcome impressions to over 60% of business-to-consumer site visitors.

What are the email deliverability statistics on these leads?

Email deliverability varies by industry but, in general, emails that are automatically triggered in real time based on website visits are more deliverable than lists (even your own carefully cultivated lists!). As first-party data, Vital Edge contacts are current, so email campaigns delivered to contacts constructed by the pixel experience fewer deliverability problems like bounces and opt-outs. Vital Edge data is updated and appended daily for relevancy.

Is there any downside to putting the Vital Edge pixel on my website?

No, the Vital Edge pixel won’t disrupt your website operations. The snippet of code is solely for identifying the devices that visit your website. It’s easy to install and, similarly to conversion tracking pixels, can be placed by a methodology which suits your website administration, such as Google Tag Manager.

Is Vital Edge safe?

Yes, Vital Edge complies with privacy policies, as well as the CCPA (The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018) and the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

So, we have the data… now what?

VitalEdge provides you with a list of prospects – hot leads who found your site because they are actively researching your product offering right now – packed with robust data such as contact  information and demographics. Contact cards are then uploaded to your CRM, so you can market and remarket your list however you like! Good follow-up strategies include email indoctrination sequences, display ads, direct mail, and phone calls.

What’s the difference between 1st-Party, 2nd-Party, and 3rd-Party data?

First-party data is information gathered by you, including website visit information or other direct interaction with a consumer. Second-party data is acquired from a partner building a more complete view of your customer. Third-party data is information entirely separate from your brand’s interaction (think: buying a list to market to.) The intersection of these data types means you are starting from an audience most relevant to you and adding critical partner information to inform your follow-up process and ability, both efficiently AND effectively!

Does the data retrieval work for both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing?

Vital Edge is set up to retrieve data from consumers. It is not intended for B2B data retrieval.

How does the pixel work?

Vital Edge integrates a database of consumers who have opted in to receive marketing offers from affiliates based on their unique interests in particular products and services. The pixel technology is triggered when someone visits a website. The pixel then looks at the visitor’s IP address and device ID, then matches it back to a permissioned opt-in allowing sharing of information.

Is my data exposed?

Consumers identified by VitalEdge have opted in to receive messages and offers from third parties. Vital Edge only shares data with vetted brands and businesses who comply with strict privacy standards, and consumers may opt out at any time.

Where does the data come from?

Vital Edge collects data from all available worldwide data sets including 4 billion records and 230 million households. All consumer information has been double opted-in.

How do we filter out our existing contacts from newly identified visitors, so we don’t start remarketing to them again?

Your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) or email system has settings to allow you to set up import rules that automatically filter and identify duplicate contacts and opted-out contacts.